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My Grandma's Molasses cookies as mail art valentines.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2010
x 3 inches
Near or in Brooklyn, NY / United States
artist: Jenifer Wightman

The artist, Jenifer Wightman, writes:

So this was a personal favorite of the phrases. I got it from Kant, who got it from Lucien who got it from Demonax. It has lineage and in this spirit, I pass it on.

It is a bit of double absurdity and the recipient I know gets wordplay - Kant used it in this context:
'People discuss all sorts of inane questions, regarding the location of the corporeal universe of substances that are immaterial - and of which for that very reason there can be no sensuous intuition nor any possible spatial representation - regarding the seat of the soul. ... It frequently happens that the one disputant appears to be milking a he-goat and the other is holding a sieve underneath.

Sent to St. Louis, MO.

Recipient said:

"The cookies arrived, but the tinsel packing didn't fully preserve them. There were lots of little pieces of letters, but my son and I came up with this possible alphabet:

A A A D E E E G I I K O O (R or P) T T W

We fed these letters into the "Internet Anagram Finder" and came up with 50,001 anagrams, among which these are our favorites:

A Variegated Toilet Wok
A Gravitated Eke Lit Woo
A Ravaged Kite Oleo Twit
Talkative Water Goodie

The cookies are good old fashioned kitchen love on the tongue."

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