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Fossil decals: Everyday, humans flip fossil fueled switches. These invisible streams of electrons run our computers, escalators, elevators, fans and lights. If there is one ritual common among us all, it is energy use. Fossil fuels come primarily from solar light energy captured by carboniferous era plants and animals. We are burning millions of years of trust fund sunlight in 300 years of industrialized society. Decal images of carboniferous (coal) and devonian (natural gas) fossils may be placed on lighting fixtures. This mail art is in conjunction with 9/24/11 action to mitigate climate change ( You may also see them as part of Art in Odd Places ( 1-10 on 14th Street originating at the East River Generating Station. Examples of the fossils to be backlit are horse-tails, club mosses, scale trees, and ferns. I'll mail you a fossil to put on one of your light fixtures. Just tell me why you want it and ideally agree to send me a photo of the mounted fossil. X!................................................................................. Fossil: Calamites is a genus of extinct arborescent (tree-like) horsetails to which the modern horsetails (genus Equisetum) are closely related. Unlike their herbaceous modern cousins, these plants were medium-sized trees, growing to heights of more than 30 meters (100 feet). They were components of the understories of coal swamps of the Carboniferous Period (around 360 to 300 million years ago).

Additional Information
Completed in: 2011
4 x 2 x 0 inches & 0 lbs.
Near or in Brooklyn, NY / United States
Lit - 1
artist: Jenifer Wightman

The artist, Jenifer Wightman, writes:

From the adopter:
"We love the planet just like you do. We just went off the grid solar and we have a light just like this. The juxtoposition of fossil imagery with renewal energy would create a cognitive dissonance."

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