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This is one of 20 castle relief paintings i made in the days following tuesday, september 11, 2001. it is acrylic paint and marker on acetate, with a wood and wire hanging structure in the back that sets it about an inch apart from the wall. they all look like unfolded foorplans or flattened architectures of cartoony castles, each housing an empty center and containing a secret thing- one has victorian ghosts, another a mouse king, an herb garden, a hockey game, a love boat, a set of clouds, a bon fire with a butterfly... i had been in a particularly compulsive, addictive phase of harry potter obsessiveness, but was also dealing with my own private barriers and questions of strength, boundaries, and girlhood fantasy. that week was like a window that crushed inside and outside into one, and for me, produced these castles in its wake.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2001
10 x 8 inches
Near or in Long Island City, NY / United States
Castle (house)
artist: Fawn Krieger

The artist, Fawn Krieger, writes:

i was drawn to my adopter's willingness to deeply consider what this new work would mean to him and his family and within the context of his home. but i knew once he saw the remainder of my castle series in my studio, that he might have second thoughts about which one he'd like. and so it went... the adopted castle was not in fact the one that appears here, but another that depicts a mouse king with a whip and a white with black polka-dotted furry neck scarf. my adopter informed me of the name for this item (which i can't remember), along with alerting me to gofer from the love boat's republican status.

now i am currently reading one of my adopter's published books; a gift he brought to my studio. it's a collection of short stories. i see his sensitivity to inhabited spaces, the architecture of memory, and the revolution in social ruptures. i love to see inspiration share shapes, exchange, inform, and inspire again.

This artwork has been adopted.