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i made this wall sculpture while reading "the tao of equus: a woman's journey of healing and transformation through the way of the horse" by linda kohanov. it was around this time that i got obsessed with knowing all about that sliver of a girlhood moment, before adolescence and after childhood, when radical physical independence is often aligned with equine relationships. CORRAL, though i myself am somewhat perplexed by it's introduction into my life, is essentially an entire horse corral containing the horses themselves, suggesting that the cultivated or constructed horse environment is both a form of embodiment and entrapment. it's made out of stuffed painted and sewn canvas and dyed rope, sewn to a clear, soft plastic shape. included in the herd is a chestnut mare with a blaze (bottom), a bay thoroughbred mare (middle) and an arabian colt (top) i found this piece in my storage recently, looked at the horses and felt terrible for squishing them into a box when i know that they need more love than i'm giving them. i am hoping there's a girl out there, in her sliver moment, who would like the opportunity to board, groom, showcase, and most especially, love CORRAL.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2003
60 x 48 x 12 inches & 5 lbs.
Near or in Long Island City, NY / United States
artist: Fawn Krieger

The artist, Fawn Krieger, writes:

Drew requested this piece, and I went looking in my two storage lofts for it but couldn't find it anywhere. He was gracious enough to accept an alternate piece in its place, a painting I made around the same time that includes a person who looks like Velma from Scooby Doo. Like CORRAL, the painting deals with constructing social systems through fantasy and personal psychology. It is pink and purple.

This artwork has been adopted.