Genevieve White

United States
New York, NY

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I believe in following our basic instinct in a wake of innocence to create through what is still unknown. There is an underlying strength and control in spontaneity that presents and informs the movement of how I scratch, erase, cut and add paint to the canvas. Investigating outside my comfort zone into the unknown creates spaces of tension from which growth expands into clarity. There’s a regenerative quality in the shift from a repeated banal gesture into an action targeted towards creativity.

I trust intuition, spontaneity and innocence as the point of departure in my process of creating an image. These same principles guide me in my everyday behavior and inform my choices for images. This guidance is a form of freedom in which the uncertainty of the journey challenges and informs the construction of what will take form in my visual vocabulary.

My paintings unfold from my perception of reality into my imaginary lens based in the everyday sensory experience. I regard creativity like a cycle or a loop that feeds itself, from unknown territories to patterns set in memories that are triggered. These moments that seem familiar yet distant and unrecognizable uncover the slow process that parallels life to painting. For me, the everyday lends itself to stories and memories that affect the chemistry of the gesture and the act of painting.

Transformation and change are the constituents of freedom I seek to decipher in abstraction. To me, abstraction is a modification of reality that lies in the unconscious waiting to be discovered through an action. Passions calmly lies under necessity and painting is a slow process filled with elements that triggers a common ground for experiencing its constituent system. Underneath the surface of paint lies work, struggle, tension, love, genuine commitment, fear, construction, and patience. These feelings intersect and dissect connections, from generalities to specifics; the painting emerging through the strokes and contractions.
Genevieve White

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Painting 48 x 102 inches