ken Montgomery

United States
New York, NY
born 1957 usa
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Since the early 1980s, Montgomery has been finding novel ways to work with sound, and to deliver it to the public in compelling ways: from doing sound performances in total darkness, to creating octophonic audio installations, to enhancing the sounds of everyday objects whose primary function is unrelated to the sounds they produce. He founded New York City's first Generator Sound Art Gallery (1989-1992) an exhibition space, Mail Art and Cassette Culture shop and performance space. Generator remains active as an archive and resource for sound artists on the web. ( As a sound artist he has created soundworks from icebreakers, shoe shine machines, aquariums and most notoriously - a laminator. Using the same laminator since 1988 Montgomery has created the Ministry of Lamination, which evolved into a platform for performing Lamination Rituals and creating exhibitions of laminated ephemera internationally. In 1994 he was appointed Minister of Lamination in The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland. (

Mutilated/Cultured Environmnets
at Center For The Book Arts Opening June 29, 2006

“Unclaimed Luggage” - Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain, February 2005
“Lamination Artifacts” - 30Vandam,New York City October 2004
“This Space For You” RCA Gallery, St. Johns’, Newfoundland, July 2004
“Laminography” Hudson Guild Gallery II, New York March 2004
“Lamination Ritual” Gigantic Arts Space, New York February 2004
“Found in France in the Woods"-The Budget Gallery, San Francisco, CA. June 2003
“Ticket, Trash, Crazy”- The Museum of Temporay Art, Tübingen, Germany May 2003
“Slice of Life” - Recession 2003 at Cynthia Broan Gallery , NYC February 2003
Artstream - Sounds From Near & Far - New Media Scotland/
Red House Centre for Culture & Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria 2002
Laminations -The Erik Salvaggio Museum of Modern Living 2002
Stardust - Moderne Museet Stockholm, Sweden August, 2000

Volume: Bed of Sound - P.S.1 - Long Island City, July 2000
Subject To Sound -The Rotunda Gallery - Brooklyn, NY March 30 - May 20, 2000
QUIET! Noise Devices - Lump Gallery, Raleigh N.C. 1998
Sound By Artists -L.A.C.E Los Angeles, CA 1997
Constriction - Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn, NY 1996
Mall Muzak - The Art Mall, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC 1992
Icebreaker - Caught in a Box, Art in General, New York City 1992

Artworks available from this artist:
Slice of Life
Other 5 x 8 inches
Artworks adopted from this artist:
It Doesn't Feel
Painting 8 x 10 inches
Installation x x inches & lbs.
Jusk Ask Seven Times
Other 6 x 4 inches